important information about moe's home collection and US tariffs

In the past few weeks the US has implemented a new tariff that effects many companies and many of our competitors.


 We are happy to announce at Moe's, there will be NO price increases .  

 Almost 18 months ago, senior management at Moe's predicted this potential problem and went into action.  They invested in a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Delta BC and are flowing containers directly into that warehouse to meet the Canadian needs and eliminate the new tariff.  They are committed to growing Canadian business and believe in the spirit of partnership.

 We will continue to have backup stock in our US warehouse and will transfer stock at NO charge to our Canadian warehouse when needed to meet your order requirements.  We believe in the spirit of partnership and want to help you grow sales in 2019.


 We realize this may not be the case with many of your other suppliers so this is an amazing opportunity for you to have a deeper look at Moe's and see how we can further meet your customer’s needs .  The line boasts over 5,000 sku's in our ranging from accessories, to art, dining, occasional chairs, case goods, upholstery and so much more!

We are looking forward to an amazing 2019 and helping you grow business.