moe's strikes design gold at LVMKT

moe's did not disappoint in las vegas with some wicked new introductions to the line. fashion forward and color was the name of the game. here are some of our faves from the las vegas showroom. bare with us…the video is a long one but we could’t whittle it down any more than we did! there was just too much good stuff! drop us a comment and let us know what your favourite pieces are!

of course, you can see the whole line up at

it's that time of year again....high point market


so excited to be heading back to market this october. word on the street is that the show rooms are completely packed with new product and great things to see. we are anticipating that this will be one heck of a good show.

one exciting show special to tell you about is from surya. If you sign up online you will receive 10% off your market order. click this link if you are planning on attending to claim the discount! —> Heck Ya I'm Comin'!

To help you plan your days here is where our showrooms are:

moe’s home collection: IHFC D430

surya: showplace 4100

bellini modern living: IHFC H520 & H521

cr laine: 310 North Hamilton St - Hamilton Court Suite 204

le present: IHFC - InterHall IH601

couture jardin: IHFC - InterHall IH601

If you would like to make an appointment please reach out to

Looking forward to seeing you there!

upholstery 101 - pilling and what to do

pill is a small ball of fibres that form on the face of a piece of fabric.  It is caused by abrasion on the surface of the fabric, and is considered an unsightly occurrence on furniture.

pilling 1.jpg

What causes pilling?

Loose fibres have a natural tendency to move to the surface of a piece of fabric, where they are subject to friction, which causes them to twist together into small balls.  Fibres that are still secured to the fabric are also twisted into the ball, so that the pill is secured to the surface of the material.

Friction is caused in the normal course of people using the furniture, rubbing against the surface of the fabric.  Laundering also causes friction – washing machines agitate fabric, causing the surfaces to rub together.

Pilling is more noticeable on man-made fibres.  This is mainly because natural fabrics shed loose fibres easily and less noticeably, while man-made fibres are notoriously strong, so the pills are anchored strongly to the fabric.


Should I send the fabric back?

It is important to note that pilling is not a fabric defect or fault, and is not covered under warranty.  It can be compared to the shedding experienced when purchasing new carpet – think about the way carpet behaves when newly installed, as there are constantly new loose fibres coming to the surface over the first few months of use.  This is completely normal and will reduce once the excess fibres are gone.

Consumers are sometimes concerned that pilling means that the fabric is wearing away and disintegrating – this is not the case.  Pilling is a normal occurrence caused by wear and tear, and does not affect the durability or functionality of the fabric.  It is easily removable.

How do I remove pilling?

The quickest and most cost effective approach is to use a battery operated pill shaver to remedy the situation.  These small, cheap appliances are available in most sewing stores, or the sewing area of large department stores.  A pill comb is also effective, and performs the same task manually.


If pilling reoccurs, it can simply be shaved off again.  This may occur several times, but the pilling will diminish and eventually cease once the excess fibres are removed.

Can I buy fabric that doesn’t pill?

Since all fabrics will pill to some extent, the possibility of it happening should not be a main concern when choosing an upholstery fabric.

However, there are fabrics that are less likely to pill.  Some are treated or coated during the manufacturing process to adhere excess fibre to the surface of the fabric.  Some are also put through a singeing process, which quickly burns the excess surface fibres away.


Above: Closeup of fabric before and after singeing (image by Osthoff-Senge)

Smooth, tightly woven fabrics and fabrics made from tightly twisted yarns are less likely to pill, because the fibres are held tightly in the cloth.

When a fabric is made from more than one fibre type, where one fibre is strong and one is weak (for example, polycotton) pilling will be more noticeable, because the weaker fibre wears and breaks, while the stronger fibre holds the pills to the cloth.

 Ultimately, if you notice that your furniture is developing pills, don’t be alarmed.  It is easily remedied and does not mean your furniture is made of poor quality fabric.

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important information about moe's home collection and US tariffs

In the past few weeks the US has implemented a new tariff that effects many companies and many of our competitors.


 We are happy to announce at Moe's, there will be NO price increases .  

 Almost 18 months ago, senior management at Moe's predicted this potential problem and went into action.  They invested in a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Delta BC and are flowing containers directly into that warehouse to meet the Canadian needs and eliminate the new tariff.  They are committed to growing Canadian business and believe in the spirit of partnership.

 We will continue to have backup stock in our US warehouse and will transfer stock at NO charge to our Canadian warehouse when needed to meet your order requirements.  We believe in the spirit of partnership and want to help you grow sales in 2019.


 We realize this may not be the case with many of your other suppliers so this is an amazing opportunity for you to have a deeper look at Moe's and see how we can further meet your customer’s needs .  The line boasts over 5,000 sku's in our ranging from accessories, to art, dining, occasional chairs, case goods, upholstery and so much more!

We are looking forward to an amazing 2019 and helping you grow business.

Bellini Modern Living - Save up to 70%!

It’s that time of year again! Bellini Modern Living is having their spring sale! With saving up to 70% you do not want to miss the opportunity get your hands on these great modern pieces. Click here to download your copy of the spring sale price list and have a scroll through a sampling of what is available

moe's home collection won vegas

thank you to everyone who stopped by the moe's showroom last week. it was so wonderful to catch up with old friends and make some new ones!

in case you missed all of the spectacular new offerings from moe's home collection this past market we wanted to make sure you didn't have a bad case of fomo. 

for your own personal showroom tour click here.

 below is a sneak peak highlighting some of our favourite pieces from the show room. (if the embedded video doesn't show up for you click here).

 we are currently taking orders for all of the new wonderful products (and of course for those tried and true pieces that are guaranteed winners) so please reach out anytime to guarantee your stock.

thanks for visiting and please let us know how we can be of assistance!

NEW! Quick Ship Catalog from Surya

Happy December everyone! It’s time again to refresh the Quick Ship catalog for Surya and we hope that you love it as much as we do!

You can download your copy of the catalog here and you can have a look at the whole collection by viewing the following video:

As a reminder:

  • there is no brokerage, duty, or freight on orders over $250

  • the collection is stocked in Winnipeg and is available in 5x8, 8x10 and a sample

  • goods can be to you within 5 business days of order acceptance

  • stock inquiries can be made by contacting either Jamie or myself or reaching out to RSC directly. 


In addition, if you require an updated fall price list please let me know and I would be happy to help you with that.

Best wishes everyone!

Jamie + Tanya

What's new at Surya - High Point Recap

Surya did not disappoint at this fall’s Market in High Point. The new additions to the collection were exceptional and we are very excited to share them with you.

Most new releases were in the updated traditional, transitional, and modern categories and featured warmer tones. Grays and blues were still trending and as popular as ever, however, we were pleased to see a return of some other colors in the neutral color ways: specifically putty and taupe. Orange, teal and pink were predominant and the bohemian trend continued strong.

Have a look at some of our favorites in the video below and keep scrolling down to a link to the rest of the new collection.

If you need an updated price list for fall or are interested in opening a new account contact us here.

Happy Friday friends. Wishing you all a terrific weekend!

welcoming access fine art to the jay kay line up

we are so thrilled to announce that we have partnered with access fine art & regal reflections as the newest addition the the jay kay line up! access fine art & regal reflections is a canadian company based in concord, ontario that offers framed and canvas art, decorative and framed mirrors as well as a wide selection of table and floor lamps. 


one of the most spectacular things about this line is the ability to customize their products. art can be printed in any size to fit any space and in many different configurations. mirrors are also customizable: choose your frame, choose your size. the lamp line up is extensive and the quality is exceptional. 

check out some of our favorite pieces: 

if you are looking for the perfect framed mirror, have a peak at their current promotional offering.

if you would like to take a peak at the catalogs you can download them here or by visiting

2017 Lamp Catalog

2018 Lamp Supplement

2017 Art Catalog

2018 Art Catalog Supplement

2017 Mirror Catalog

Custom Mirror Catalog

interested in becoming a dealer? click here to download the new customer form, here for the credit application or here for the credit card authorization form. you can email your forms to or

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